Zennect is a platform for professionals around the world to showcase their own work and to discover the work of others. To help us keep the quality of our community high, please follow these guidelines when posting and sharing your work. If you come across content that violates these guidelines, please let us know by clicking the 'report abuse' button you'll find next to every project.

1. Only Upload Your Own Work:
Zennect is a platform for sharing your own work — not for uploading or sharing other people's work that you like. Please do not upload projects related to services or products that you are selling. If you want to show your appreciation for someone else's work, you can scroll to the bottom of the project and click the "like" button, you can leave them a positive comment, or you can promote their work via social sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

2. Respect Intellectual Property Rights:
Don't present other people's work as your own or overstate your own role in creating something. Don't use other people's trademarks without permission. If you aren't sure whether your use of someone else's content or trademark in your own work is legal, you can consult publicly available reference materials at the U.S. Copyright Office website, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website, the Chilling Effects website, or talk to an intellectual property attorney. If you want to report misuse of your own work or your own trademark by one of our users, you can do that here.

3. Respect Privacy:
Don't use Zennect to reveal private information about other people. And don't upload photographic portraits or nude images of identifiable people unless you have their permission.

4. Automated or Scripted Behavior
Zennect is a platform for professionals to interact genuinely with one another. Because any automated or scripted process (such as bulk or automated following or appreciating user accounts, scripted commenting on projects, etc.) undermines the authenticity of our community, we suspend all accounts that engage in scripted behavior. For similar reasons, we also suspend any accounts that accept compensation in exchange for positive comments or appreciations.
If you'd like to learn more about what is allowed on Zennect, please read through our Terms of Use.