What is Zennect?

Zennect is the only social network to offer users a platform to highlight their many talents in one place. Users no longer feel limited in how to present themselves by the constraints of a network and are open to new ways of talent discovery. Skills level by experience points calculated from each project to provide an accurate assessment of a user’s abilities.

As a musician, you can use Zennect to find other musicians to form your band; a graphic designer to create your album art; a software engineer to create your web site; and a filmmaker to film your music video.

As a filmmaker, you can use Zennect to cast actors in your film; a writer, director, cinematographer, or producer to join your project; a team of visual effects artists; an editor, sound designer, and colorist to complete your film; and a marketing executive to market your film.

As a marketing executive, you can use Zennect to assemble a team to lead your marketing campaign; a creative director, technical director, and producer with film production experience; a team of graphic designers to design the project; and a team of software engineers to develop the project.

How do other networks compare?

comparison chart