Zennect, LLC. (“Zennect”) is an online platform where professionals of all talents can showcase their work and discover the talents of others. Zennect is hosted exclusively in the United States and is operated from the Zennect offices in Los Angeles, CA. Zennect may be accessed directly on the web at Zennect.com

How Can I Opt-Out Of, Or Customize Messages Zennect SendsTo Me?
You can opt-out or customize the type of messages you receive from Zennect by visiting the “Notifications” tab under “Account Settings”, or by clicking on the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of Zennect marketing emails.

How Does Zennect Share My Information?
Zennect allows organizations to set up private galleries hosted by Zennect called Custom Creative Networks. If you choose to join a Custom Creative Network, Zennect will share with the Custom Creative Network your name, email address, country, date you joined Zennect, the number of projects you have published, your Zennect URL, and if applicable, your school status, school/organization email address, degree program and year of graduation. By joining a Custom Creative Network you will be subject to that organization’s privacy policy, in addition to the policies outlined on, or linked to from, this page.

How Can I Review, Update or Delete My Personal Information On Zennect?
You may review and update your personal information by visiting the “Account Settings” tab. If you wish to delete your Zennect account, you can go to the “Privacy” tab under “Account Settings” and click “Delete” (please note, this process is irreversible and we can’t restore your account afterwards). Additionally, you can edit or update other information in your Zennect profile by visiting the “My Profile” tab. You can also edit your personal Zennect URL on the “My Profile” tab, but you are only permitted to do so once.